Why should we consume trout?

Trout is health.

It is an excellent nutrition source for our body. Its impacts on our heart and on our mind is very important.Health controls for our products are under observation of International Accredite Laboratories and being watched regularly.

Spring Water

Our spring water is at the same temperature for everyday of year. It is between 7 and 9 celcius degree.


As one of the leading trout fish producing company, we are also following the way to be assertive about exporting also.

We pack our products with high-tech packaging machines to offer the most hygienic conditions. Our mentality about this field is ‘ if serving will be , than let it be healthy’.
Our facility had been equipped with the most modern technology depending on its efficiency. We renew our technology according to results of R&D (Researh and Development).

Our staff gave great importance to get support of technology for increase quality and efficiency. So, we gained 100 % success from it.


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