Why trout consumed ?

Trout Fish Healt

Trout fish health checks on a regular basis we produce is Health International has been observed on a regular basis by Accredited Laboratories.

Spring Water

Our water is spring water every day of the year is the same degree. Source water are among the degree of 7 ° -9 °


As a pioneer in the production of fish for export in the pursuit of being a pioneer in exporting, our company is an important part of advancing step further considering throwing.

We produce our products without touching a highly professional management of the devices are packaged under hygienic conditions by providing "service to get healthy is to be " I think.
Manufacturing technology R & D as a result of many projects by çalışmalarıda efficient, healthy manufacturing. The state has created the means of production and areas of sensitivity by using the production

Teams are working to make affordable quality, production technology, ingenious ways to increase the quality of support followed by giving priority to production and as a result of a 100% success was achieved.

Production and Sales

  • Live Fish
  • Fleto
  • Quik-Frozen Fish
  • Trout Can
  • Fry Production
  • Egg Production
  • Trout Fish Production


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